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[V.I.P]SH-BF1942 Klan

Welcome to [V.I.P] a Silent Heroes Clan

We are a small Swedish / Norwegian? ;)  clan. We play the battlefield mod , Silent Heroes.  But we are also interested in other mods & games. If you want to challenge us in a game. You can contact us at the forum or

Den sista stora slutgiltiga SH-striden kommer att hållas Lördag 23 April 19:00!

Allt ni behöver veta finns på Silent Heroes forum. Väl mött!


R A G N A R Ö K ! ! ! Razz 

The Last Viking Big War of SilentHeroes! 

Saturday the 23:rd of April, at 7 pm 
Central European time!!!

Google Ragnarök for instructions! Cool 

This is the last time you can play an´organized SH Big War! 

We want to se everybody there, who has ever had fun with the SH Mod! 

You can use the free Origen BF1942 game if you like! 

You must install SilentHeroes, set all settings and have test run it 
before the battle begins

We're going to use the Mumble - chat program! 

We're going to be on the OPFS clan Mumble Server and all info about that 

will be published here at least a week in advance!  


Update 2011-11-24 .

We are no longer a active clan. But many of us are still playing the mod on tuesdays (almost 10-years now) and custom-maps on fridays . So you are welcome to play with us on the servers in BF 1942 mod SH. We still can play against clans, if we got a challange. Maybe, we just need a little more time to summon the warriors. ;)

Some of us Battlefield 3 & 4 !


See you on the battlefield!    [V.I.P]Zeldon  


Every tuesday at 20:00 we are a bunch of guys that play Silent Heroes . You are welcome to join us and have some fun. We are using Team Speak 2 or 3 . Adress :

Playing mostley on. Server: OPFS SilentHeroes 1.2

Server-IP  Port:14567

Silent Heroes , Downloads

To play SH, you need BF 1942 and the latest patches.

Then you need Silent Heroes. You will find it here. Paste the link in your web browser and you find all that you want.

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